Now Delivering Meat Shares to Bend and Portland

On our biodynamically and Organically managed land, animals have a vital, integral role in providing fertility, maintaining healthy productive grasslands, and acting as natural tillers as we rotate the cows and pigs around the 85 acres of land we steward here in Madras, OR. In addition, for us carnivores they provide sustenance to many families in our local communities. We are proud to offer these animals a happy, pastured life. And we are proud to provide on-farm kills, in the field where the animals are honorably and calmly harvested. In this way, the animal is not stuffed into a trailer, stressed out and taken to an off-site facility in their last moments of life. The stress induced by transport to kill facilities often releases a rush of cortisol into the animal’s system, and is believed to effect the meat.

In order to raise and harvest animals in the way that we believe is the most honorable way to do it, it requires that we sell “shares” to our customers, rather than selling meat by the package. In this way, you the consumer are investing in a share of our herd, purchasing a half or whole hog, or a quarter or half of a steer. Hogs average 200# and our steers average 800-900#. Here are some average estimates for share weights:

Half Hog- 100#

Whole Hog- 200#

Quarter Steer- 200#

Half Steer- 400#

At Wholefoods, Organic “grassfed” Beef costs $8-14/ # and Organic Pork ranges from $5-$10/# depending on the cut of meat. Our Beef shares cost $4.25-4.50/# and Pork $5.25-5.50/# and this if for all cuts of meat- from the sausage to the pork chops to the ribs/ hams/ BACON, or the T-Bone steaks / ground beef/ tenderloin/ flank steaks. Buying in bulk this way, DIRECT from farmers, from farms you are welcome to visit and see the operations for yourself, it actually saves you and your family a lot of money in food costs and you are getting a superior product. I promise you, once you begin sourcing your meat this way, it will be hard to ever go back to store bought, mystery meat. We understand making the transition can be intimidating- and we are happy to walk you through how this works via email or over the phone. “How big of a chest freezer will I need? What kind of cuts can I request from the butcher? How long will this feed my family of 4?” These are all common questions and we are happy to answer any and all of your questions!

Our meat sales are a very small part of our farm’s operations. We only sell about 20 hogs a year and 2-4 steers a year. We believe in only producing what our land base can support, and provide the best quality of life to these animals, so we happily keep things small. Animals are rotationally grazed on grass all around the farm, and they are fed hay and triticale we grow here on the farm. If you are what you eat, eats… you know you can trust our meat because we have created a truly closed-loop system.

Last season we delivered 6 coolers full of meat to families in Portland and we got very positive feedback. We are happy to provide delivery to Bend or Portland again this year, so if you and a group of friends would like to go in on an order we can arrange a group drop off. If you don’t think you can take an entire half a hog share- split it with a friend!